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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Theresa's Road Trip!!

On a spontaneous whim, I decided to take a little road trip.  And by little road trip, I mean a six day, 5 city, 1096.4 mile road trip.  It.  Was.  Amazing.  And to answer the question so commonly asked, Yes, I am ok.  haha  :)

Smell ya later Sactown!


I started out my trip by visiting Aromas, my old neighborhood AND the house I use to live in over 20 years ago.  I can't believe I remembered how to get there!  I drove past the driveway, and a man was working in the yard.  I didn't want to be a creeper, so I continued on down the street.  It was a rickety old road, with one way in and one way out.  I had no choice but to turn around.  As I approached the drive way for a second time, I figured what the heck, I've come all this way.  I'm stopping for a picture of the driveway at least.  The man walked up to my car and asked if I was looking for someone.  I told him I actually use to live in that house.  A huge smile came across his face and exclaimed, "You're a Munoz!"  I couldn't believe it, he remembered AND KNEW who I was...well, almost since I'm a Muniz and not a Munoz.  Close enough!!  I asked if I could take a picture of the driveway, he happily stepped out of the way, and invited me onto the property and in to the house to take pictures and reminisce.  It was surreal. 

The eucalyptus corridor.  I remember going through these trees and smelling the fresh cool air when we would leave or come home to Aromas.

Our home!!! 3570 Arlon Place, Aromas, CA

We use to have a hot tub here.

Formerly Ducky Deli.

They still have our old swing set!!!! Sort of.

My dad drew the outline of a body against our then wood garage doors. 
He taught me how to throw ninja stars and let me practice.  haha 

I remember having birthday parties out here in the backyard.  Can't remember the birthday people, but definitely the celebration!

This is the scene of the infamous "Happy Birthday Mom" video. 

Our old chicken coop up the hill, and where we once had our horse Bear.

View from up the hill down on the house.  While living there, we all had experienced some kind of supernatural phenomenon.  I asked Earl (the current owner) if he had an experiences as well.  He said he didn't but his daughter had.  I guess they liked kids - or they just followed us when we moved which is VERY likely.  lol

This is EXACTLY where I was standing during the earthquake of 1989.  My brother was at his soccer practice, and I was riding my bike around the school.  I rode it over to the field, and it started.  There were tall tall skinny trees behind these round ones and they were swaying like crazy.  I thought they were going to break and fall down.  We got home and I ran to my room through the house that had items in disarray.  Nothing had moved, not even a lamp.  The only thing out of place was a puzzle piece from a box, and I'm pretty sure that was my sister anyway.  Definitely guardian angels looking out for us.  <3


Next on my list of adventures was visiting my very good friends Krista and Rhett Christensen.  I haven't seen Braelyn their daughter since she was a baby!  I was very excited to see them all in Paso Robles.


I continued on my way to Santa Barbara - Summerland to be more specific - to stay with Heather and RJ Denbow!!!!  The last time I saw Heather and RJ, they were just dating.  Now years later they are married and expecting their first child.  Such a special time.  They had this beautiful home by the coast and cutest little town ever!!  

Butterfly Beach

Dinner on the docks - Santa Barbara

Facetiming my babe.  I missed him so much.  We found bottles of wine we had a duplicate of, and I took one on my trip.  We scheduled a "date night" by facetiming and opening the bottles to drink together.  We even did our signature cheers and kiss - virtually of course.
We're cheesey, I know, I don't care, and I love it!  lol

Heather and RJs little man of the house (for now) Reef.  He was sooooo cute!!  Such a good doggy.

Visited the wharf, souvenir shopped, and had ice cream with Heather before heading out.

A little parting surprise I left for them in the guest bathroom.  haha

Bye bye Santa Barbara!!!  Until next time!!  xoxo


Heading back north I went to San Jose to see my family.  How I miss them.  I wish I could visit more often - it's so close, and yet so far.  :(


My last stop and last night on my adventure, I went to San Francisco to stay with Rachael Horlak my Lovey!!  She is so incredibly sweet and although I haven't known her for very long, it feels like we've been friends for ever.  One of those instant connection kind of things.  lol  Who COULDN'T love this girl!!

We enjoyed a decident and oh so satisfying Italian meal with chianti.  We shut the place down, but as Italians do - they were closed to the public, but the whole family came to hang out and enjoy food and drinks together before calling it a night.

Rachael lives in this BEAUTIFUL apartment in North Beach.  Yes, that's Alcatraz in the background.  I was sad to leave her, but it was time for me to head back home to my family and home city.


By far one of the most rewarding, relaxing, pleasant, exciting, gratifying, spontaneous, and INDEPENDENT AND EMPOWERING adventures I have ever done.  I will always remember this trip, new and old places, my dear friends, and these memories I have made with them all.  Thank you to all for your incredible hospitality and making this trip possible.  xoxo